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We change lives through health and fitness.  We are a strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals, and athletes to reach optimal levels of health and fitness.  Your goals are our goals.  Live longer, be healthier, move easier, BE BETTER

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CrossTraining - This class consists of strength-based training.  Each class is 1 hour and led by an instructor.  We start with a group warm up, followed by a strength movement of the day, then workout of the day (WOD), and finish up with cool-down and stretching.  Our workouts consists of a mixture of barbell movements, complex gymnastics bodyweight movements, and metabolic conditioning movements (metcon).  This class is perfect for those looking to get stronger, become more athletic, perform better.

FIT Classes - PHX Fitness OKC is home to FIT Oklahoma City. Our workouts aren’t easy—nor is it easy to describe them. One way to consider them is to look at a CrossTraining workout, then add in a bit more cardio and take away the super heavy weights. We run the FIT workout in a boot camp style. Because the other half of our gym specializes in CrossTraining, we have compete access to some of the fun toys used for those workouts. Not only does this add in some fit fun, but it ensures our workouts are different—nothing like your average 24-hour fitness facility group classes. The FIT workout truly is a workout like you’ve never experienced; just ask our welcoming members.

PHX Barbell - This is a 1 hour class devoted to lifting.  We will work on a variety of barbell movements, including strength, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic lifting.  This is an instructor led class with a prescribed lifting scheme each class.  There is no cardio in this class, strictly based around you and the barbell.  GET STRONG!

Open Gym - This is a chance for only our members to get access to the gym to work on strength, skill, make up a missed WOD, or spend time working on anything they wish.  An instructor will be present, but this is NOT an instructor led session.  

1-ON-1 Personal Training - We have instructor led, private PT sessions available during non-class times.  These can be purchased separately, or in a package.  This is a great way to learn movements, and get in shape in a more private setting.

Nutritional Seminars - PHX offers nutritional seminars on a monthly or semi-monthly basis.  These are an additional fee, but focus on quality of food in our Level 1 seminars, and quantity of food in our Level 2 seminars.  Each seminar is roughly 90 minutes, and you will walk away with a better understanding of the role food plays in our health and fitness.

Body Fat Testing - PHX offers monthly body fat testing using the caliper method.  This is a $10.00 addition for members, and $15.00 for non-members.


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